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Linking PolyUmod to LS-DYNA

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Hi All,


I have been unsuccessfully trying to link the PolyUmod library with LS-DYNA.

I added the directory to lsdyna.exe in the 'Path' variable 

and then tried to Load From MatDB within LS-PrePost, although the option to click 'Load' and 'Done' is not available (step 4 in the installation instructions).

Also tried to copy-paste the keywords from the material .k file to the model .k file, the material model is then successfully recognized when I open the model .k file but I get the below warning when I run the model:


*** Warning 41147 (sol+1147)

Default mat45 is used

Please check user material library


Thanks in advance for any response.


Kind Regards,


Theo Stergiou


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I'm happy to help. First question: does your k-file work if you run it from a command line:

"C:\Program Files\PolymerFEM\PolyUMod\PolyUMod_LSDYNA\lsdyna.exe" i=file.k jobid=tmp



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Hi Jorgen,


Thanks for your brisk response.

I get the below error about a license problem:


License problem
Local license:

*** Error This version (LS-DYNA) is not included in the current license key.


Thanks for your support.


Kind Regards,