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Linear behaviour of Neo-Hooke and Arruda-Boyce

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I do a simulation with Ansys WB of a tensile test with various material models. I did so far the Bilinear Plascticity Model and the Moonley-Rivlin. The results of those are reasonable.

But meanwhile I did a simulation with the Arruda-Boyce and Neo-Hooke model. The results of both models have got a linear behaviour. Now I am wondering, if that can be right. I was imagining a non-linear reaction.

I got the parameters of the Neo-Hooke with curve-fitting as well as calculating them by standard equations. The parameters are not the same but both show a linear reaction. Samething happens to me with the Arruda-Boyce model.

Could somebody give me a feedback, if I have done an error or if it is right. I attached a picture of my results and one picture of the definition of the models in Ansys.

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This appears to be a duplicate question. Please do not ask the same question twice.


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