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Inverse matrix in UMAT using Mathematica

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I need some advice or suggestion about calculation of inverse of a badly conditioned matrix in umat. It is not possible to solve system of linear equations instead, because algorithm cannot be modified in that way. I tried IMSL libraries and routine DLSGRR gives good results. Problem is that I cannot link IMSL libraries with Abaqus. I also tried with MKL libraries which I succsessfully linked with Abaqus, but the problem is that they dont give good results. In Mathematica I used PseudoInverse which gave good results so Im thinking to link Fortran with Mathematica to calculate inverse of a matrix in Mathematica and then continue calculations in Fortran. Does anybody have any suggestion how to link them or any other idea? I read some posts and found that is necessary to program a link in C but I dont know any programming in C. Sorry on my english.

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You can link Fortran and Mathematica. You can do this in c, but I think you can also create the interface directly in Fortran. Check your Fortran documentation.


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