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Importing the JH2 input file from abaqus examples

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Dear all,
can anyone explain to me how can I import the input file of the JH2 model from the abaqus examples manuals. I have tried to define a model in abaqus CAE, I created an input file, after that I make copy/past of the JH2 parameters from the input file of abaqus manuals (exa_impactsiliconcarbide_jh2) to the input file that I created. When I import it from abaqus, I find an empty part! (no geometry, no mesh,no..etc)
If someone has already import it, I would be thankful for feedback.

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Good luck


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Do you want to change anything to the model after importing in CAE?
If not, you can create a job in CAE to run from input-file directly.
OR just run from command line: cd to work folder, then write a command like abaqus interactive job= input= output_precision=full double=both cpus=