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Hysteresis in rubber

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Sir, I have got almost all the data needed to define my specimen in Ansys and I have modelled it as well. Now, I wish to apply a sinusoidal load on the material and show that the strain lags behind the stress.

Also I need to plot the stress-strain hysteresis loop to show the loss. But I cannot figure out how I should apply the sinusoidal load??

If i try to use the harmonic analysis, then Ansys ignores all the non-linearities including the non-linear material rubber. I also tried to do a transient analysis using the function tool to apply load as a sinusoidal function. But I cant understand it???

Plz, i would really appreciate your help.. Thank you!! for everything..

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Hi Waqas,

Please refer to the verification test case VM234: Cyclic Loading of a Rubber Block in the ANSYS 11.0 documentation to understand how to apply sinusoidal load. Though displacement is applied in sinusoidal fashion in this example, applying sinusoidal load will be very similar. Just change the displacement BC to the force BC.


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