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how to model anisotropic hyperelastic material in Ansys 10

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Hi every one

I m working on modeling anisotropic hyperelastic model for human cornea

in Ansys v.10 ,and I derive the coefficients of constitutive three terms strain energy (volumetric,isotropic,anisotropic) from literature.

But I faced the problem in modeling this material in Ansys v.10

and I dont have information about how to use UMAT in modeling this material.

I need some help on predifined macro for anisotropic hyperelastic matrial model

Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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The problem should be relatively easy to solve using Abaqus (since Abaqus has direct support for anisotropic hyperelasticity). You should also be able to create create a suitable material model for Ansys.

I am not sure what you mean by a predefined macro?


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Hello Jorgen,

I have exactly the same issue as this post. I am using ansys 2022 version. I saw you blog about command in ansys for anisotropic hyperelastic material. However, since my model is hemisphere I have issue in defining the direction. As it should be in spherical coordinate system.

I do appreciate any help.