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Homogenization of low density closed-cell foam

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Dear All,

Im facing a task to create a material model for macro level simulation of sandwich panels. Most of the practical structural calculations will consider only linear elastic range of the foam and isotropic behavior. I would like to define yield surface of my material and failure surface.

One of the approaches which I found would require performing homogenization analysis: simulate micro level sample and correlate with macro level. This requires several inputs where I would like to ask for your advice:
[*]how to create a 3D geometry model of the actual foam sample? cell diameter of ~20 micrometers
[*]are you aware of any technology which allows to scan a sample on microscopic level?
[*]what tests will be required to perform homogenization analysis?
[*]do you recommend any reading on this subject
[/LIST] Kind regards,

PS: My first post, great to join a community of highly specialized people. Hope to contribute in the future.

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