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General validation and analytical solutions

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Since this is my first post, a big hello to everyone, especially Dr.Bergstrom for his time invested in this forum.

Ive been following for some time and this is one of most useful forums for my line of work - great job!

My question pertains to the general procedure of validating a given model/FEM formulation. It seems to me, from the papers ive read, that Abaqus is often used as a ground truth for many algorithms trying to get published and acclaimed.

Can anyone comment on the value of closed form analytical solutions in this respect? And why its underused?

Is there anyone that can provide general pointers/suggestions on how to proceed to analytically solve for displacements using the Neo-Hookean model?

Thanks and best regards,


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That is a good question that is not considered enough. Most people just take the FE results as the truth - which is not generally the case.

Some people solve the same problem using different FE codes to feel more confident in the results.
Sometimes you can solve simple problems in closed-form, which can be used for validation.

Most FE codes also do a significant amount of internal validation to make sure the results are OK.


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