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Convergence troubles with USERMAT subroutine

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[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=14px]Dear Dr. Bergstrom

Sorry for the late response. Actually, I didnt expect to see a response to my question.

Attached is an ANSYS v16.2 file in which the ANSYS-written USERMAT subroutine is used in order to define the Neo-Hookean hyperelastic material for a strip. A text file is also attached in which the problem is explained with more details.

Due to the copyright rules of ANSYS, the attached file is password protected and the password has been sent to you by [I]Contact Us[/I] massage. If you are unable to find the password, please give me an Email address so I can send the password to you.[/SIZE]

Please download the attached files from this link:[/FONT]
[URL] [/URL]

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=14px]Best regards.

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Unfortunately, debugging USERMAT files is time consuming 😮

I can help, but I need to charge for my time. [URL= ]Contact me[/URL] if you are interested.


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[SIZE=16px]Dear Dr. Bergstrom
Thank you for your response.
Please read my contact me massage.

Can you please just tell me, is it possible that the ANSYS-written USERMAT have a bug?
According to the ANSYS Help documents [1], in order to define a new material one only need to define Stress and the material Jacobian tensors and there is no need to account for the rotation of the elements coordinate systems.

I am looking forward to hear from you.[/SIZE]

[1] [URL= ][/URL]

[SIZE=16px]Best regards

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can anyone tell UMAT linking procedure with ANSYS. like setting environmental variables

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Dear memo,

Can you please send the password?

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