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Constitutive modelling of PU wheel

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In our application(Image1), we have vertically loaded PU wheels that run on a rigid modeled steel pipe and at certain intervals pass over a weld with a velocity of 2m/s. We are using Ansys Motion( a package within Ansys) that unfortunately provides only a few of hyper-elastic models from the comprehensive list of Ansys. (Image2). As the wheels roll along the steel pipe under heavy load and impact the welds, we believe the strain rate should be taken into account in the material models. 

1. Can you tell me which of the following material models from Image 2 would be best suited?


2. Can we use material testing data(like simple tension, biaxial and planar shear ) to calibrate any of the material models available with Ansys Motion and expect to get robust results? 


3. Is our assumption correct that the strain rates might affect the results?