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Compressibility in Poroelasticity

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Hi Dr. Bergstrm and All my FEM mates,

I was not sure if it was the right place for this post.

Anyway, I am trying to model a poroelastic material deformation in Abaqus under a two phase loading 1-instantaneous (almost) pressure 2- constant pressure (which needs to provoke a poroelastic creep).

The point is, when I consider the model to be compressible (Neohookean), the permeability somehow shows its influence, but when the material is considered as incompressible, there could be found no trace of poroelastic influence. :confused:

of course, if I have done it correctly, I have let the fluid to flow freely in the boundary of the geometry (zero pore pressure BC).

Does this make any sense to you?

I am very grateful for your any comments,



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I have not studied poroelasticity for a while so I dont quite recall. Have you checked the Users manual?


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Hi Jorgen,

I have given it a look but couldnt find anything relevant. The E and Nu (Poissons) are for the solid matrix. So the solid matrix and the wetting fluid could be both incompressible while the whole system is can be compressible because of the fluid outflux. However, this does not work in my model and when the solid matrix is incompressible (Nu=0.5) then no trace of poroelasticity (permeability) is detectable.