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Ansys Explicit Dynamics and Hyperelasticity

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I have been working on a model of a polymer using experimental uniaxial data and curve fitting to a Mooney Rivlin model. I want to use Ansys Explicit Dynamics in order to simulate a tensile test to failure. However, I cannot figure out how to run a simulation using any hyperelastic material model without the simulation stopping immediately because Problem terminated .... no cell controlling time step. I have run the identical simulation using linear elasticity material model with plasticity and have had no problem at all. Is there some unknown caveat regarding using hyperelastic materials in explicit integration techniques? Can it be done? My parameters for Mooney Rivlin 9 parameter model are (in Pa):

Incompressibility Parameter D1 0

Material Constant C01 3990.476215105296

Material Constant C02 1874692.8537021053

Material Constant C03 159857.02489910656

Material Constant C10 -3753.8744695686787

Material Constant C11 -3710435.6181576843

Material Constant C12 -395615.16676995426

Material Constant C20 1841289.9755659304

Material Constant C21 -23411.935559743579

Material Constant C30 3181.3687778190215

Residual 1.0267313494762