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XFEM-based LEFM (using VCCT) fracture criterion - DELAMINATION

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I am using[B] Abaqus/CAE 6.10[/B] to simulate a Debonding test (cohesive behavior for composite delamination).

I ran a Abaqus debonding simulation example (from Abaqus online documentation - [B]Abaqus Benchmark Manual[/B] - 2.7.1 Delamination analysis of laminated composites) importing an INP file available.

The Abaqus/Explicit three-dimensional model with [B]surface-based traction-separation behavior[/B] used the following surface [B]contact interaction properties[/B]:

- default Cohesive behavior

- XFEM-based LEFM (using VCCT) fracture criterion.

The following [B]ERROR message[/B] appeared after submiting the job:

The direction parameter is not available for *fracture criterion with surface-based cohesive behavior.

I tried to run the model without the XFEM fracture criterion and it went allright.

[B]Do anyone knows why cant I apply this fracture criterion in this DCB test?[/B]

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,

David Melo - PORTUGAL

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Question! *DEBOND option


I am kind of new in abaqus and trying to do similar simulation. I wanna use *DEBOND option but I couldnt find it in abaqus modules. Do you know how I could define this option in abaqus?

Thank you in advance,


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