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Transferring results from one Abaqus/Standard analysis to another

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Hi everybody, my nickname is SpliT and im a french mechanical engineer with eight years of experiments.

I use ABAQUS on a thermomechanical problem with plasticity, creep and damages for four years.

As its a specific problem, i use usersubroutines like USDFLD (to compute plastic and creep damages), UEXTERNALDB (to write output controls),

CREEP (to model behavior) and DISP (to apply thermal load).

So, my question is : is anybody known the method to transfer results from one Abaqus/Standard analysis to another ?

At first time, I tried to copy the inital model under an other name. Then i imported results in a predefined field and i recreated boundary conditions, loads (gravity and area pressure)

The datacheck hasnt a normal ending because i have some data are not interpreted, an assembly surface set is not found, my material is not fully supported and for the final i got

an illegal memory reference (signal 11).

At second time, i created a new model. Then i imported part from a result file, thus i got an orphan mesh, and i completed actions listed previously. This datacheck was the same that before.

With this model, I tried to suppress loads ans boundary conditions. there was no evolution.

thanks for your help.


PS : Its impossible to join file.