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Porous Elastic vs Poroelastic

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Hi All-,

I am trying to model a sponge like material fully staurated with fluid in Abqus. Preferably with a strain hardening behaviour as in hyperelastic models.

I have heard that, it is possible with combining hyperelastic and permeability. But what is porous elastic model in Abaqus? is it the same thing? unfortunately there seem to be no example found for this model. 🙁

To rephrase my word, what is the difference of hyperelastic+ permeability and porous elastic+ permeability?

Thanks a lot for your help,



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Hi A,

I am a beginner in Abaqus and I want to ask are you sure that It is possible combining hyperelastic and permeability to model a porohyperelastic material? Because I am currently trying to model a porohyperelastic material but I am not sure whether it is feasible to define it like that. Can you give me a head-start on this?

Best regards,

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sorry, Ive never heard of that.