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PolyUMod Matrial Library

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I have some questions concerning the PolyUMod Material Library :

1. Is there any possibilty for students to obtain those Models for

non-commercial usage ?

2. Do I need the Intel Fortran Compiler in order to use them with

Abaqus ?

3. Does someone has experience using these models in order to

simulate pur-foam ? Id like to simulate an indentation hardness

test, which works with a spherical calotte of 20 mm diam. Ive

got experimental data from uniaxial compression tests. Main issue

is the influence of specimen geometry and the influence of the

outer thin shell, which has more or less elastic properties, on the

hardness. Are uniaxial compression tests enough in order to make

useful simulations ? I guess the foam is more or less isotropic.

4. The agony of choice:

Which one suits the best for PUR-Foams.

Hyperfoam ( Abaqus ) , MFM, TNFM.

I am student at Ruhr-University Bochum and very curious about PolyUMod.

Since implementation with the use of PolyUMod and Abaqus seems to be quite easy,

i am very curious about how to obtain it.



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Hello Rakulan,

Sorry for my slow response.

1) Yes, the library of user-material model is available with with a very significant academic discount.
2) No, you do not need any compiler
3) I have not studied pur-foam, but I have analyzed many different types of closed-cell and open-cell foams. The models in the PolyUMod library should work very well also for pur-foam.
4) I think that the MFM or the TNFM would be excellent candidates for your material.

If you are interested, send me a private message and I will send more information. I can also provide a trial license if you are interested.


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