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Periodic boundary condition for RVE (Abaqus)

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i have a problem with the periodic boundary conditions. I want to implement the boundary condition for example

[IMG] [/IMG]

which i found it in the internet. The first equotion is u_facebuttom - u_facetop=0

So i know that we can do this with creating Constraint and selecting Equotion.

At first i define Sets FaceButtom and FaceTop which includes all nodes on bottom and top. Here is a picture for the Set Face Top

[IMG] [/IMG]

Now i want to implement it with creating a Constraint and selecting Equotion. My Equotion for the first boundary condition is u_facebuttom - u_facetop=0

It looks like this:

[IMG] [/IMG]

But now if i click the OK button to finish it for the first boundary condition, i get the Error: All terms except the first one must use sets consisting of a single point, therefore Set face Top cannot be used in row 2.

[IMG] [/IMG]

Can somebody explain what i have to do ?

How can i make periodic boundary conditions for my Representative Volume Element ?

Thanks for help!