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Nonlinear spring in ABAQUS CAE using keywords editor

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Hi there,

I have an ABAQUS CAE model that uses linear spring as below:

[INDENT][COLOR=#0000FF]*Spring, elset=SpringSet


I am trying to convert this linear spring to a nonlinear spring in CAE using the keywords editor tool (Model/Edit Keywords....) using the following command:

[INDENT][COLOR=#0000FF]*Spring, elset=SpringSet[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF0000], Nonelinear[/COLOR]




However when I close the keyword editor and open it again a lot of *conflicts command are apearing in the input as if something is wrong with what Ive written. Can anyone help me how to solve this problem? I appreciate it in advance.


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Hi, fred1980.

I noticed you mispelled the keyword nonlinear in your post. You wrote Nonelinear, try fixing that.
Ive also been struggling to make nonlinear springs. I use Abaqus 6.10 and, sometimes, 6.14.
One thing I accidentally noticed was that my code is only accepted if I define a direction for the spring actuation, instead of leaving it Follow line of action.

So try this:

[COLOR=#0000FF]*Spring, elset=SpringSet[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF0000], nonlinear[/COLOR]

The 1,1 stands for U1,U1 (if your spring lies on the x direction), If the spring is on the y axis, use 2,2 instead, and so on.
I also noticed that a blank line must be left after the values, otherwise , the code mysteriously bugs.

Did you have any success ? If so, would you please let me know what you used?

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