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Non linear material prperties in ANSYS

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I have a stress - strain model ..... stress (t) = f ( strain (t) )

How to implement this model in ANSYS ? I think it is possible using USERMAT in ANSYS 10 .

Can anyone let me know hw to use USERMAT ?

Thank you.

- Niranjan

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In general: Implementing a User material model (USERMAT) for ANSYS is not a simple task. You need to first develop the constitutive equations that satisfies all laws of physics and thermodynamics (simply having a uniaxial stress-strain curve) is not enough. Then you need to implement the constitutive equations into Fortran (or some other language) in a format that ANSYS understands.

If this is something you want to (or need to) do, then I recommend that you very carefully read the ANSYS manuals and starting writing the code.

Best of luck,


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