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abaqus run.bat equivalent---> problem

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I have abaqus installed in linux ubuntu. and i am trying to create a .sh file to start the analysis automaticaly without using the terminal. (i am trying to make the equivalent run.bat file for windows..)

I succesfull create a file which includes the following command for example

abaqus job=a.inp

and when i type in terminal ./ the analysis is starting as expected

But when i double click on file and chose run in terminal...nothing happens..the terminal opens and closes very quickly and the analysis dont start. I include a pause command after the previuse command to see what it happens and i am receving the following statement when i am executing the script

/home/user/abaqus/ :abaqus :not found

and i cant solve this problem...any ideas?

ps: the file has all permisions rwx for all users so no problems from there..

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Try changing the line to something like:
/opt/abaqus/Commands/abaqus job=a.inp

It sounds like your path is not setup quite right, so you might have to specify the complete path to abaqus.


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