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ABAQUS Explicit: Using info of all blocks in VUMAT

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I am using the VUMAT subroutine in Abaqus to calculate stresses based on experimentally obtained curve, from the strain calculated by Abaqus. Further, I need the information (strain, and possibly other parameters) of points located around the point at which I am calculating. Since Abaqus only passes a set of blocks or material points at a time, I cannot access all the points in my model. Based on searching through forums, I have found common blocks to be one way of getting what I need done, but everyone seems to suggest to minimize usage of common blocks as far as possible. Further, while this is not the most important thing, I would like to be able to run my simulation using multiple processors, which seems to be tricky when using common blocks.

Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways of accessing strain at all material points (and not just the ones passed to the subroutine), without using a common block?



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I dont have a good answer to that :frown:

Perhaps someone else has other comments...


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