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Abaqus exits with error when executed by Matlab script

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I am trying to solve an inverse analysis problem in abaqus by using matlab and python scripts, and have run into a problem executing the same code on different computers.

The full post can be found under this link:
[URL] [/URL]

I would greatly appreciate suggestions on this issue.

Thank you very much in advance!


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check your execution paths for the the !abaqus call and also check any paths in your python script.

Questions, do you see this error after the first iteration of the optimization run or this happens right off the bat?

try running the same job on its own without the matlab script, using abaqus command line or CAE. This can help you get closer to the problem.

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Hello Biomech_Max,

It seems that the culprit is in the Python script that you use for the generation and execution of the input file. Instead of submitting the job directly, you can firstly write the input file by using a suitable Python command, then execute the input file in Abaqus with the next Python command. It is recommended to impose a time delay in the Python script after the generation of the input file and before its execution.

Another completely different approach would be to use Abaqus2Matlab which is a new toolbox for effective coupling of Abaqus and Matlab. It is an open source code which can be downloaded for free at [URL= ][/URL].

Best regards,

George Papazafeiropoulos