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Abaqus 2019 - Recommended version of the viscoelastic BB model

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use the PRF functionality in Abaqus 2019, specifically I'd like to use the recommended version of the BB viscoelastic model (LAW = BB POWER LAW). However, when I try this I receive an error stating this is not one of the legal strings for the law.

I'm a bit puzzled as according to the user guide for Abaqus 2019 this should have been implemented in Abaqus. Has anyone managed to use this model in Abaqus? I've attached screen shots of the material model definition in the .inp and the error message.

Any help would be really appreciated 🙂

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Hm. That is odd. I just looked in the Abaqus User's Manuals for 2019, and I see "LAW=BB POWER LAW" as one of the options. But when I look in section about the Parallel Rheological Framework model, that version is NOT available. Only their implementation of my original Bergstrom-Boyce flow equation is mentioned.

You may have to switch to a newer version of Abaqus (or switch to the PolyUMod library ? )