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Muscular Artery Constitutive Model?  

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Hello all,

I am attempting to model the inflation of a muscular artery using an anisotropic hyperelastic model (HGO). Ive been having trouble running the simulation (Im new to ABAQUS) and was wondering if someone knew of another model that has been used to model an artery - something that is maybe isotropic and easier to define. I would like to first have a model that works and maybe build up to a more accurate model if time permits

If you could supply references with appropriate coefficients or test data, that would be wonderful.



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Hi Nathan,

There are isotropic models in use. These are generally hyperelastic with exponential stiffening (see the various work of Fung). Delfino developed a model that has been adopted a bit- it is based on experimental work with human and pig arteries and is simple to implement as a user defined model (see Delfino, et al., 1997. Residual strain effects on the stress field in a thick wall finite element model of the human carotid bifurcation.)

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