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Modelling Holzapfel-Gasser Ogden material in ABAQUS CAE

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to model an anisotropic material of the Holzapfel form in ABAQUS for a tubular artery. I am having trouble creating the local fiber orientations. I am using ABAQUS 6.13.

I have created a local material orientation in CAE and assigned a global orientation with a cylindrical CSYS with axis 1 pointing radially and an angle offset to the theta(2) direction at the given angle of 38 deg.

Is this correct? I also tried the discrete orientation option and the results look similar to the global one.

Kindly help me out. I am really stuck.


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Sounds good. Note that you visualize the coordinate system using Abaqus/Viewer, just to make sure you got it right.


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Hello Lingott, hope you have solved your problem... I'm trying to use HGO model in ABAQUS 6.10 but didn`t find this possibility. Have you ever try this?