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Viscoplastic Model UMAT Example

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Hello Every one, 

I am  currently  trying to simulate the behavior of the thermoplastic materials like HDPE and PVDF. I started reading the book of Mr. Bergstrom to understand different options of numerical modeling. As i understand the best way of modeling of these material is using the Viscoplasticity model like TNM. But as you know these models are not implicitly introduced in the abaqus and we should develop the Subroutin Umat. First I would like to know if any one here has developed the script of Umat for the viscoplastic models like TNM or BB to share with us?

secondly I would like to know how to use the nonlinear viscoelasticity in abaqus without using Subroutine? do you have any example or tutorial?



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Good question. You can request a free trial license to my implementation of the TNM or BB models on the homepage. If you are a student, then you can get an academic license for $60 a year. Or if you like, you can implement the models as user-material subroutines yourself. I can give advice if you have any questions.


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@jbrektor Would you please write as generally, how we can implement TNV in UMAT for Abaqus?