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[Solved] Temperature-dependent behavior

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I have been working on a project about O-ring rubber seal simulation with Abaqus. I was wondering if BB model can be used in different temperature? In other words, the constants of BB model are temperature-dependent or not?


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Intersting, I was about to post the same question. I was talking to ABAQUS tech support and they said it might be possible with ABAQUS Explicit. I just wanted to know if I could have the same in ANSYS.

Thank you

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It is great to hear that you are using the BB-model, it is a really useful model for rubbers 😎


[*]The Abaqus implemenation of the BB-model cannot handle different temperatures.

[*]The ANSYS implementation (I believe) can handle temperature dependent material parameters.

[*]The PolyUMod implementation is more advanced and can different temperatures through a functional dependence (and the associated material parameters).