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Can't use calibrated PolyUMod Bergstrom-Boyce for FE simulations

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Hi all,

I was able to calibrate the BB model to my data. I have 3 curves at different strain rates all coming from uniaxial tension experiments. The model seems to fit the data great, but it always fails whenever I try to run the validation for FE simulation. I try changing the solver from default to Abaqus when doing that I can't even get it to run. Additionally, I exported the model as a script and imported it into Abaqus but whenever I run a job I get deformation on the material although the stresses are zero.

Another thing that I checked is the units, I set my units to be micro newtons for force and micrometers squared for length which matches my experimental data where my stresses are in MPa. But for some reason, I get values of the order 10^-6 in my stresses. This only happens in the graph, if I edit the data it does come out to what I had input. What am I doing wrong here?


I am new to all of this, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached some pictures that might be helpful please let me know if any other details are necessary.