[Solved] Calibration for strain-rate dependency - BB model  

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Dear Dr.Bergstrm,
I am working with a viscoelastic polymer for which I have a single strain rate tensile test result (without unloading behavior) and a 2 step relaxation curve.
My question: Is this data enough to calibrate BB model?
I assume the single tensile test result represents hyperelastic behavior and step-strain relaxation test helps to evaluate viscoelastic behavior. Please correct me if I am wrong

Thank you!

Sandeep Ramini

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That is sufficient data to calibrate the Bergstrom-Boyce (BB) model as long as you are using an I1-based hyperelastic model.

Note that Abaqus allows for different hyperelastic models, but ANSYS, LS-DYNA, etc, only use the Arruda-Boyce 8-chain model (which, of course, is I1-based). 👍 



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