Blog Articles

Blatz-Ko Model
The Blatz-Ko model can be used for both foams and rubber-like materials. This article explains the theory.
Best PEEK Material Model in 2022
This article examines which material model is best for PEEK. Some of the basic plasticity models are surprisingly bad.
Anisotropic Hill Strain
Anisotropic materials often need an effective strain measure. The Hill strain is useful in those cases.
Hill Stress
Definition of the Hill Stress and how to use it in material models.
How Important is the Bulk Modulus in FEA?
Investigation of how important the bulk modulus is in a FE simulation. Using MCalibration and Abaqus, I show that most of the time the bulk modulus has virtually no influence on the FE results.
Hytrel Material Modeling
Hytrel is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer. In this post I examine what material models can be used to predict the response of this class of materials.
Stress Triaxiality and Thermoplastics
The applied stress triaxiality influences the mechanical response of thermoplastic materials in non-intuitive ways. In this article, I will explain how.