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Calibrating the Mooney-Rivlin Model
The Mooney-Rivlin model be calibrated to monotonic uniaxial tension data, but in most cases it is better to use more experimental data.
Which Ansys Creep Model is Best?
Review of different creep models that are available in Ansys Mechanical. In the article I will recommend which to use and which to avoid.
LLDPE Material Modeling
Demonstration of how you can use the PolyUMod Material Database model for LLDPE. This is an excellent model for generic LLDPE.
Residual Strain Prediction
Most tests are in displacement control, but residual strain is measured in load control. This article explains how to use this mixed data.
Gent Hyperelasticity
Gent Hyperelasticity
Gent hyperelasticity theory and parameter calibration. The Gent model is available in Ansys Mechanical and COMSOL Multiphysics.