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Bergstrom-Boyce (BB) Model Parameters

Introduction to the Bergstom-Boyce Model

The Bergstrom-Boyce (BB) model is, in my opinion, the best simple non-linear viscoelastic material model for rubber-like materials. But I’m guess that I’m biased, since I developed the model 😎. The popularity of the Bergstrom-Boyce model is evident by how many commercial FE codes have implemented it as a built-in feature. Here’s a partial list: Abaqus, Ansys, ADINA, Altair Radioss™, MSC.Marc, and LS-DYNA. I described the theory of the BB-model in another article, here I will visually demonstrate how the different material parameters of the BB-model influence the predicted stress-strain response.

The figures shown here were generated using MCalibration®, which is excellent for these types of studies.

Graphical Representation of the Material Parameters

In this section I will discuss the PolyUMod® implementation of the Bergstrom-Boyce (BB) model. Other implementations will be very similar.

That is it! Pretty easy, right? See the following article if you would like to see how to perform a fast and easy calibration of any rubber material.


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