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Updated PolymerFEM website


  • Updated PolymerFEM website

    As you can see, I just updated the website to a new style. It will likely take me a few days to update everything again, but the Forums page is still active

    Feel free to check it out.


    • ryoung
      ryoung commented
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      any idea when the experimental data will be back up?

    • Jorgen
      Jorgen commented
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      I will add the experimental data section again as soon as I get the time. Unfortunately I have been *very* busy with my day time work the last few months.

      Is there anyone out there that is interested in a cool FE job in Boston? I am currently looking to hire someone...

    • IceBreaker
      IceBreaker commented
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      I truly appreciate this amazing platform and your prompt responses. Once I am up and running with my knowledge and models, I promise, I will help others on this forum.
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  • High-Strain Rate Testing and Modeling of Solid Polymers
    by Jorgen

    Time: Nov 19-20, 2014.
    2013-02-03, 08:41
  • MCalibration on Raspberry Pi
    by Jorgen
    Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized fully functional mini computer (available for about $35) running Linux. I have created a version of MCalibration , the most advanced material model calibration software that is currently available, that runs great on the Raspberry Pi computer. You can download the MCalibration application here....
    2013-01-05, 16:58
  • FEA of PLLA Interference Screws
    by Jorgen
    I gave a presentation on advanced FE modeling of PLLA intereference screws at the ANSYS User's conference in Boston on Sep 14, 2011. In my presentation I discussed how the design of degradable screws can be optimized for use in Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery. PLLA is a non-linear viscoplastic material that can be accurately modeled using the PolyUMod library.
    2011-08-22, 13:55
  • ANSYS Conference in Boston
    by Jorgen
    I recently gave a presentation with the title Advanced User-Material Modeling of Cather Kinking at the ANSYS Regional Conferences in Boston on Oct 15, 2010. In this presentation I discussed some of my recent ANSYS simulation work (using UserMat subroutines) related to geometric instabilities of catheters. Like Abaqus, ANSYS supports the use a advanced user-material models and the PolyUMod library is now available for both Abaqus and ANSYS.
    2010-10-17, 20:19
  • Bergstrom Simulia Conference 2010
    by Jorgen
    In May 2010, I gave a presentation at the Simulia User's Conference in Providence, RI. My talk had the title: "Finite Element Modeling of Thermoplastics at Different Materials". This is an area in which I have extensive experience, and it is an topic that a lot of people have problems with. In my presentation I used non-linear viscoelastic experimental data for a Polycarbonate (Lexan from SABIC Innovative Plastics). I then demonstrated that standard metal plasticity with rate dependence: ...
    2010-06-20, 13:46
  • Three Network Model for Thermoplastics
    by Jorgen
    I have developed a new advanced thermomechanical constitutive model for thermoplastic materials. In the new model the micostructure of the material is represented using three distinct structural domains that capture the experimentally observed non-linear, time- and temperature-dependent response at both small and large strains. The attached paper presents the theory for the model, and the model calibration and validation are exemplified by direct comparison with experimental data for UHMWPE. Downl...
    2010-06-20, 13:18