Working with any material model requires defining appropriate material parameters from experimental data. This can be challenging when the advanced material model is non-linear. To facilitate parameter extraction, Veryst Engineering has developed MCalibration™. This software enables semi-automatic extraction of pertinent material parameters from experimental data. This application is provided with the PolyUMod user-material libraries, but is also commercially available through a stand-alone license. Contact Dr. Jorgen Bergstrom if you would like a quotation for the software.

The following are some of the key features of MCalibration:
  • Is available for both Windows and Linux computers.
  • Can extract material parameters for the all material models in the PolyUMod library. The PolyUMod library is available for Abaqus, ANSYS, and LS-DYNA.
  • Can extract the material parameters for many common hyperelastic and metal plasticity models.
  • Can extract the material parameters for all built-in material models in Abaqus and ANSYS.
  • The optimal set of material parameters can be exported into text files that can be directly read by Abaqus, ANSYS, and LS-DYNA.
  • The parameter extraction is more powerful than the built-in features of Abaqus and ANSYS in that it allows for multiple experimental test with different weight functions.
  • Can calibrate viscoelastic, viscoplastic, and anistropic material models.
  • Can quickly check the stability of any supported material model.
  • Can perform virtual experiments in different loading modes, and different stress or strain histories.
  • The calibration can be performed on a subset of the material parameters, and parameters can have upper and lower bounds.
  • Most material models can be calibrated without any call to Abaqus or ANSYS. MCalibration do not require that a FE program is installed on the computer.

The Case Studies section give examples of how MCalibration can be used as a parameter extraction tool. Here are some of the available case studies:...