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Abaqus Material Model in MCalibration


The goal of this tutorial is to show how to evaluate the following Abaqus material model in MCalibration:

210.1e9, 0.3
760.0e6, 0.0
1127.0e6, 0.08
2164.0e6, 0.154

Step 1: Define the Material

Start MCalibration, open the material model dialog box, and switch to “Abaqus-Template”. Type in the Abaqus commands, then click OK.

After clicking OK, the main window will look as follows.

Step 2: Define Load Cases

Use the +V button to quickly define a virtual experiment. Select “Uniaxial Tension, 6 strain rates”. Click OK.

Deselect load cases 1 through 5. Click “Run Once” to evaluate the material model for the selected load case.


The figure below shows the results.

Step 4: Define Parameters

Open the Material Model dialog box and define the numerical values as parameters. Click on “Help on Format” for information about the syntax for defining material parameters. Click on OK when done.

The material parameters can now be found by MCalibration. The defined material parameters can be manually changed and optimized using “Run Calibration”.


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