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MCalibration can quickly calibrate almost any material model. The PolyUMod library contains the most accurate constitutive models available!

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Classes on experimental testing and FE modeling of polymers

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Advanced Material Models

Advanced non-linear viscoplastic material models for polymers

Material Model Calibration

Custom software for quickly calibrating any material model

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PolyUMOd Overview

In many important applications the material response is sufficiently non-linear that simple hyperelasticity or metal plasticity is not good enough. In these cases the PolyUMod library can be very useful since it contains a selection of the most advanced and accurate material models that are currently available. The PolyUMod library is easy to use and can give you a significant competitive advantage!

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Selecting and calibrating a suitable material model can be very challenging. The MCalibration software makes that task easy! It can calibrate all PolyUMod material models, and most built-in models in FE solvers.