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A Great FE Model Starts with a Great Material Model!​

We create essential tools for your finite element (FE) analysis! MCalibration® can quickly calibrate almost any material model. The PolyUMod® library is a plugin to your FE solver that contains the most accurate material models available!​

How It Works

Test your Material

Experimentally measure the mechanical response of your material using basic mechanical tests.

Calibrate a Material Model

Read in all experimental data files into MCalibration. Select a suitable PolyUMod or native material model. Click Optimize. MCalibration will do the rest.

Run the FE Simulation

Import the MCalibration material model into your FE solver. Then run your FE simulation as usual.

Our Products & Services


Custom software for quickly calibrating any material model


Advanced non-linear viscoplastic material models for polymers

Calibration Service

We can perform your material model calibrations for a fee

PolyUMod Overview

In many important applications the material response is sufficiently non-linear that simple hyperelasticity or metal plasticity is not good enough. In these cases the PolyUMod library can be very useful since it contains a selection of the most advanced and accurate material models that are currently available. The PolyUMod library is easy to use and can give you a significant competitive advantage!


Selecting and calibrating a suitable material model can be very challenging. The MCalibration software makes that task easy! It can calibrate all PolyUMod material models, and most built-in models in FE solvers.

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To Purchase the Software or Request a Trial License

The academic version of our software can be purchased in our store. Please send us a message if you would like a commercial license to use the MCalibration® and PolyUMod® software, or our material database.